More Information About Homeowner's Insurance

All Lines Insurance Associates, for ALL your insurance needs.

Our office understands that your home typically is your most important asset. Your family and livelihood are everything. We will help you protect them with a full line of auto, home and flood insurance products. We believe we represent the widest array of high quality, national and name brand insurers in Florida. We offer choices which translate into competitive pricing.

Great choice means lower rates. All Lines Insurance Associates brings you more choices of coverage from more carriers, for the best protection and greatest value. Our resources, size and customer base give us the ability to bring you values smaller local agents cannot deliver.

The staff at our office puts our customers first. All fully licensed, we take a friendly, consultative approach to working with you. Our award winning staff will help you choose the right insurance products for your needs and look out for your best interests down the road. Through the years, your life changes effecting your insurance needs. We at All Lines can help you stay protected along with your changing needs.

Licensed to provide insurance for the entire state of Florida, we choose to be more localized in the Broward and Palm Beach county area. Our All Lines office is located at 4400 W Hillsboro Blvd., one block east of Lyons Road. We are virtually on the line between the two counties. We know our market well. Residing in the area for over 40 years we’ve seen the growth and know it well.

Everyone has a need for insurance. Sometimes it is required by law or is a contractual obligation of a bank. Let us define you need and make sure you’re not over or under insured.

Auto insurance is required by law. So whatever roads your situation takes you down, protect yourself, your car and others along the way. We’re knowledgeable and will help you get the proper coverage at the best price.

Your house has always been more than a house... it’s a kitchen where family and friends gather, a living room for living, and bedrooms where dreams are made. Protect you most significant investments in your home, your comfort and security.

Our client is spreads through many cities. Based in Coconut Creek, our agency allows us to be central to clients in Margate, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Parkland, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington and Lake Worth. This allows for a diversified mix of communities, building and lifestyles.

We don’t try to only write single family homes. All Lines Insurance Associates is here for all our neighbors. We represent insurance companies that know the condo market well. Condo owners that we insure know that we are up to date with all the condo insurance laws. We make sure you’re properly protected with loss assessment coverage and ample coverage to protect your individual condominium unit. Most agents shy away from insuring mobile homes, we don’t. Since we represent over 60 property insurers we have access to mobile home insurance. High value homes are no problem either, we can provide coverage for homes up to ten million dollars.

All of the state of Florida has a risk for flooding. Our proximity to the ocean, lakes and canals make every property prone to floods. Some homes are in areas that are high risk, potential to flood once in every 25-30 years. The balance can flood once every 100 years. Six inches of rising water or seepage rising in from the outside can cause catastrophic damage. We encourage all our clients to consider flood insurance. Typically flood insurance is inexpensive and provides great peace of mind.

We know that insurances for homes, cars, life and health can accumulate to a sizable amount in every family’s budget. Providing savings for homes and car insurance creates satisfied clients, long term relationships and a powerful referral source.

When you register an auto and put license plates on the car by law you must have insurance. Leasing or purchasing an auto with a bank/car loan, you must contractually provide insurance. The proper type of coverage to protect you and your assets is where our All Lines excels. If you have assets you need to protect them, minimal insurance won’t do. You don’t want to waste money, our insurance advisers look to keep your premiums affordable and appropriate.

The Homeowner’s Policy:

The homeowner’s policy package is actually made up of two policies, on protecting the structure (dwelling) and the personal property, etc., from specific and certain general hazards (specific named perils). This is the “first party” coverage.

The second part within the policy is the liability coverage portion that protects the homeowner and certain others from personal liability against claims for damages caused by the insured. This is known as “third party” coverage.

The declaration page will set for the named insured, the property location, effective dates, coverage limits, liability coverage amounts and deductibles that apply.

Coverage A: covers the dwelling itself, any structures attached to the dwelling.

Coverage B: is for other structures on the property that are appurtenant to the dwelling, an example may be a shed, fence or satellite dish.

Coverage C: personal property is for the items you bring on the property like furniture, clothing and televisions. The types of loss that are protected against for personal property include such things as fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosion, riot / civil commotion, smoke, vandalism, theft, falling objects, weight of ice, snow or sleet (not really a South Florida issue) discharge or overflow of water or steam systems (hot water heaters, Air conditioning units), freezing, glass breakage, and damages caused by aircraft, by vehicles, or artificially generated electrical current.

Coverage D: Loss of use, is when your home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss the insurer will pay your additional living expenses occurred until you can move back in to your dwelling. Typically in Florida today the insurance companies will limit this to one year or until the amount of protection runs out.

Coverage E: the personal liability section is for the named insured and any resident relatives. This section will by for bodily injury and property damage, to which the coverage applies, if a claim or lawsuit is brought against anyone qualifying as an insured under the policy. It will also pay for a defense of the claim or lawsuit, and will provide the insurer the right (but generally not the obligation) to investigate any such claim or lawsuit. The personal liability section also pays for the first aid expenses incurred by the insured in providing necessary emergency treatment for bodily injury covered by the policy.

Coverage F: includes medical payments coverage providing payments regardless of legal fault for needed medical expenses to anyone (other than the insured) who is injured on the premises, for an injury caused by the activities of an insured, a residence employee, or an animal owned by the insured. May insurance companies today in Florida will either exclude animal liability all together or limit the amount of coverage. The insured must disclose the breed of dog in their possession at the time of executing their agreement. There is a list of approximately a dozen dogs that could prevent you from purchasing insurance from most insurance carriers.

Deductibles: typically the deductible for perils is $500, 1000 or 2500. There is no deductible for liability or medical payment coverage’s. In Florida there is a separate deductible for hurricanes from $500 to 10% of the dwelling coverage A.

Remember, a Homeowners Insurance policy is a type of insurance policy that combines property insurance on the dwelling and contents with casualty insurance to protect the owner and /or occupier from personal liability.

One of the things that set us apart at All Lines Insurance is our ability to explain the coverage’s that our insured’s are purchasing. We are known for personalized service with custom coverage. We say there is a good way to purchase insurance, there is a better way to purchase insurance, but the best way to purchase insurance is the All Lines way.

All Lines Insurance Associates is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in the insurance markets. We’ve been insuring gated communities in Coral Springs / Parkland areas like Heron Bay, Ternbridge, Eagle Trace, Parkland Country Club and Whispering Woods. We know the adult communities like Kings Point in Delray Beach and Tamarac or Century Villages in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pembroke Pines and West Palm Beach. Hi Rise beachfront condo up the cost from Hallandale through Ft Lauderdale up in Boca Raton and the prestigious city of Palm Beach are properties we’re familiar with. Single family homes in Boca Raton / Delray Beach millionaire’s row Addison Reserve, Polo Club, Woodfield Country Club, Broken Sound, St. Andrews Country Club are part of our market. We at All Lines Insurance have the expertise to insure clients with proper peace of mind coverage.

All Lines Insurance Associates is synonymous with Excellence. All Lines is Excellent quality insurance carriers , Excellent people and Excellent customer service.

Personal Umbrella Policy: Excess Liability

On occasion the limits of liability provided in one or more underlying liability policies may be insufficient to cover the damages an insured incurs, or to which it is exposed. Therefore, there exists the opportunity to purchase additional coverage that is layered above the coverage provided in these underlying policies. This additional coverage is known as excess insurance. Since they may also cover a number of separate underlying policies written for the insured, they are at times referred to as umbrella policies, providing protection over a group of policies.

Excess coverage may be written on a personal basis. A personal excess policy would be written to protect an individual or family, and might provide coverage over the liability sections in a Homeowner’s policy, and/or the Personal Automobile policy.

In some cases, there will be more than one excess policy written, with each policy providing coverage above a certain level so that multiple excess policies will be layered, one on top of the other, to provide ever increasing levels of coverage.

In most cases the excess coverage is written as a following form contract. That is to say, although the excess policies themselves will have certain terms and conditions, exclusions, etc., they will basically conform to the coverage provided in the underlying policy that they are protecting.

A major difference between the primary coverages and the excess form is that in excess policies there is generally no requirement to provide a defense for the policyholder in the event of a lawsuit being filed against any insured. This defense obligation is most often the responsibility of the underlying primary policy.

The excess policy may come into effect for some defense responsibility in the event the limits of the underlying policy have been exhausted, or in the rare case where the underlying policy may be able to withdraw from defense due to exclusionary wording, etc.

We at All Lines Insurance Associates refer to Umbrella Policies as “asset protectors”. If an insured has assets, we hope they will take our advice to consider an Umbrella Policy. Here at All Lines we represent multiple Umbrella insurance carriers. Policies can start as low as $150 for a one million dollar policy. This is true peace of mind coverage. You work all your life and accumulate wealth. You wouldn’t want one freak accident wipe out a life’s savings.

Renter’s/Tenant’s Policy

Not everyone owns a home. People reside in various types of places that are owned by others and rented or leased to them. Most are apartment, although certainly the owners of houses and condominiums can, and do, rent or lease to other people as well.

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